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Manufacturing Capability:

1. ?What is the products line for Impression?

Our main products are alloy/brass/silver/stainless steel jewelry and home décor gifts


2. ?What kind of metal can Impression deal with?

We can deal with pewter/zinc alloy/copper/brass/silver/stainless steel.


3. ?What metal work can Impression do?

We do casing, stamping, striking, polishing, soldering, texture, acid etching, laser engraving, wire work etc.? Learn more from our Capability page>>>>


4. ?What kind of modeling technology Impression use?

For cost efficiency, we choose a project-based modeling method in between hand modeling, 3D print, CNC milling and clay modeling. It is highly depending on the structure and accuracy requirement.


5. ?How thick can Impression electroplate for an item?

We offer different thickness as you request and cost correlates positively with the thickness. We usually recommend a thickness of more than 0.25mm for better durability.


6. ?What materials does Impression use for electroplating?

We offer plating materials as you request such as gold of different fineness, silver, rhodium, chrome, imitation rhodium, tin, nickel, copper, bronze etc.


7. ?What electroplating colors can Impression deal with?

We offer so many colors such as matt/glossy/antique/rose/pearl gold, matt/glossy/antique silver, oxidized/antique copper, rhodium, antique tin, gun black and pearl nickel etc.


8. ?What texture can Impression do?

We offer Florentine finish, hammer finish, satin finish, high polish finish and matt finish etc.


9. ?What crystal does Impression use?

We use various crystals according to your sparkling expectation and cost requirements ranging from Swarovski elements, Stellux crystal, Oktant crystal, Czech Preciosa Maxima/red pack/white pack, Chinese crystal. We will help you to find the most cost efficient way by mixing different ranges of crystals for very subtle sparkling difference.


10. ?What tactics does Impression have for enamel for a better effect?

We have in-house formula for enamel and a special spray paint technology, which will achieve a more delicate effect and scratch resistance for each product.


11. ?Can Impression do micro pave setting?

Yes, in addition to traditional prong setting and other types, we also offer micro pave setting and wax pave setting depending on the stone you use.


1.? What market did Impression mostly sell to before?

95% of our previous customers are from North America and Western Europe with high quality requirements.


2.? What brands have Impression worked with before?

In past 18 years, we have worked with Tory Burch, Swarovski, Kirks Folly, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy and so many to name that are known by world as high end fashion jewelry brands. And we understand their needs better than our competitors.


3.? What have Impression learned from previous customers?

We learned by doing and have adapted our system to their high standards both on quality and social compliance.


Products Development:

1.? Does Impression provide sample development service?

Yes. No matter you only have a concept sketch or a physical object, our development team will do it for you from idea storefront. Attention, design might be adjusted based on manufacturing readiness or feasibility with your approval. Certain extra charges may occur if this design is very complicated in addition to cost of modeling.


2. ?Can Impression design for me if I just have a brief idea of what I want?

Yes, our designers will design your style as you request according to the demographic of your target market. The involvement of our fashion trend consultants will help you sell successfully in your market. A reasonable rate will be applied for the design.


3.? Can Impression understand my design?

We will send our designers to study your style and target audience after your inquiry. We are confident to understand your design well and deliver what you want.



Order requirements:

1.? What is the MOQ(minimum order requirement) for each style?

Usually, the MOQ for each style is 120. Usually higher value items have a lower MOQ, and vice versa. MOQ varies by product type and by material you use.


2.? Why do we need a MOQ as a requirement?

We do understand it is not viable for buyers to order more than what they can handle. But as a manufacture, we do have following reasons to bring MOQ up here:

a)?????????? The raw material supplier also imposes a MOQ on us.

b)?????????? The fixed cost of manufacturer didn’t justify a small order.

c)?????????? We can provide you a better price per piece if it is a big run size.


3.? Can Impression work for me if I am not qualified for the MOQ?

Yes, we just updated our business model to serve customers who are struggling with MOQ. We are offering a flexible MOQ program to help you out from the MOQ requirement.


4.? What is this “flexible MOQ program” about?

This program is to help buyers overcome the restrictions of MOQ in costume jewelry and home décor industry. It is an innovative service directly from the manufacturer perspective to build a long-term relationship between the buyers and manufacturers. We are not only manufacturers, we help you grow.


5.? What service does it have in this” flexible MOQ program”?

a)?????????? For no extra charge, we encourage buyers to reuse material or component on as many styles as possible, in which case the MOQ will be cut down somehow. For example, the quantity of styles sharing the same component will be counted together and evaluated by the MOQ. This will be a lovable choice if customer has a theme collection in their products line.

b)?????????? For no extra charge, we encourage buyers to consolidate their order with other buyers, in which case order can be placed together with similar outsourcing needs. For example, a costume jewelry designer can order from us together with her friend who is try to produce a metal bag badge as long as in total they can meet the MOQ 120.

c)?????????? In addition to above two situations, we also provide another option in which premium MOQ charge may occur at the first order. This charge could be somehow compensated by a better discount rate in future orders.


1.? What kind of pricing strategy does Impression use for my order?

We are using a component pricing for your order and the final price is a sum of these components based on a framework of assumptions and discount rates if applicable.


2.? What pricing components will Impression consider in the quotation?

Components such as material cost, labor cost, manufacturer overheads, delivery time, volume of order, previous order value, and required add-on servicesetc. will be considered in our offer as EXW price.


3.? What assumptions will Impression make in the quotation?

The cost per piece(EXW price) is based just on the volume of MOQ requirement. Adjustments will be made according to the final volume confirmation for each style. In addition to this, we assume there is no special requirement on package and delivery time. Usually, we provide regular packing for free. And the normal delivery time is 30-45 days upon order confirmed.


4.? What can Impression promise on your price offer?

We promise to try our best offering you a competitive price with best value. We just charge for a reasonable profit margin and will never give up your order if it is something we can sustain. We believe the final price is a collaborative effort by both sides to put a mutually agreed-upon framework of assumptions around the numbers.


5.? Can Impression quote by pictures?

Yes. We usually quote a conservative price from our side as a reference. This price may not be accurate because we cannot calculate the exact labor and material cost before the sample development.


6.? How many types of discount does Impression have if i am qualified?

We have 3 different types of discount: volume discount, sharing discount and special discount.


7.? What is the volume discount and what is the requirement for it?

The volume discount is based on the run size you order for each style. The bigger run size of each style, the lower per-piece cost you can by volume discount.


8.? What is the sharing discount and what is the requirement for it?

The sharing discount is the first step of our “customer rewards plan”aiming to share our previous profit to boost your growth. The discount rate is based on how much patronage order you have supported us previously. This discount rate is applicable on all the styles in one order. Usually, you can enjoy this discount after your first order(sample development order doesn’t count).


9.? What is the special discount and what is the requirement for it?

Any one is qualified for the special discount because the discount is brought up by you and we will work together to decide it. The reason why we are doing this is because we want to mark every memorable moment we have together. Use your imaginations to think of some moments. It could be your first order from us or the anniversary of your first order. It could be birthday of your brand. Any, have fun with it.


10.? What is the scope these discount rate could apply to?

These three different discount rate will be applied to cost of goods except for sample development and external service like ITS lead testing service.


11.? Is there any hidden or additional cost during the production?

No, we will never “buy”your business initially from our competitors and plan to raise prices when we have your business.

Capacity & Delivery time

1.? How many pieces can Impression make in one month?

We can make 100,000 + pieces per month.


2.? How many styles can Impression handle at the same time?

We can handle around 120 styles at the same time.


3.? How long it takes to make the prototype?

Usually it takes 15 days to make the prototype.


4.? What is the lead-time for one style order?

Usually the lead time takes 30-45 days.


1.? What kind of payment does Impression accept?

We accept bank transfer and PayPal in US dollars. And our payment term is T/T.


2.? How much do I need to pay when I place the order?

30% need to be paid after order confirmation, and the rest need to be paid before the delivery.


1.? What logistic does Impressionuse to ship my order?

We provide global logistic service by using FedEx, UPS, TNT, and S.F. Express etc. and will choose the best option depending on the destination and shipping time requirements.


2.? What kind of packing will Impression provide for my order?

Usually, we provide free packing: 1pc per OPP bag and 24 pcs per big OPP bag. Bubble bag will be offered if there is any items fragile.

Privacy and Security:

1.? Do you sell, share or trade your client data with others?

No, we will protect all our client data and not abuse them for any purpose without your approval.


2.? Will you disclose my design to other clients?

No, we understand what the design means to you and will not disclose them to any body for any purpose without your approval.


3.? Will you use my design and produce products to sell by your own?

We will keep your design and mold safe and never mass-produce them for selling purpose without your approval.


Social Compliance:

1.? Have Impression taken good care of labors rights?

Yes, we respect every member of our team no matter his position and sex. We are nothing without their hard work and they make all this happen. We give workers extra salary if it is overtime working in addition to normal salary. We provide perks such as improved living condition, free meal, festival party, matchmaking, free training etc. We are like a family mostly and care about each other. And of course, we passed the certification of “working condition assessment”.


2.? What is women empowerment program?

This program is to help women who are underprivileged. We would like to offer free training no matter where they are from if they want to learn the manufacturing skill. Or they could choose to be entrepreneurs without any upfront cost since we would lend them money to buy the supply from us without any interest occurred. They can sell our products at home party and the profit will give them more confidence to change their life. Meanwhile, the profit from our side will be reinvested into the women empowerment program as a virtuous circle.

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