We still remember how nervous we were when we delivered our first order to Kirks Folly, a collection jewelry brand on QVC because we didn’t know if we could fulfill their expectation. We learned by doing from previous customers. For many years, we grow up and become more and more confident with the manufacturing service we are providing to our top class customers.


18 years of OEM experience

Since the first collaboration with Kirks Folly from QVC in 2001, we have been updating our whole production process from the root so as to comply the quality and ethic standards requested by our customers. We understand better what it means to be a good OEM supplier. Because of our proven experience, most of our orders come from word of mouth or direct recommendations by our previous customers.

Commitment to high quality

We keep a strict quality control of every piece we produce from beginning to end. We promise a “batch to batch ” quality consistency no matter it is the sample or mass production. The independence of QC and no responsibility for P&L make sure the whole QC process goes smoothly. We outsourced part of accessories and machines from the US to compete with American made standard. “Made in China" should be respected as a top outsourcing option because of “Made in quality".

Full manufacturing capability

150+ well trained workers and 10 + designers are getting ready offering a full manufacturing capabilities and design capability. Meanwhile, We don't trust any part of our jewelry manufacturing process to anyone else. We integrated the raw material suppliers, production, electroplating and shipping into one part to get a seamless working flow. And therefore we gain the quality control of the whole process.

Achieve the triple bottom line (economy, social and environment)

We learned that sustainable business is the key for long-term success. So we passed the WCA and Disney audit, enriched the benefit package for employee well being, reduced the consumption of water and energy and initiated a women empowerment program. Your order will help us have more social benefits in the world.

As experienced OEM suppliers, we are safe for you

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Stressed with MOQ (Minimum order quantity

More and more designers and new-to-outsourcing entrepreneurs are approaching us to ask for an outsourcing solution since they are blocked away by stiff MOQ from other manufacturers. To serve these needs, we innovatively updated our business model and offer a flexible order requirement program. Now we are ready and willing to provide a risk-free outsourcing solution. We want to be part of your future business success.


Flexible order requirements

We aim to make outsourcing easier. No matter you only have a physical piece or just a concept sketch; our experienced designers will get your idea right with competitive rates. Meanwhile, our flexible order requirement program will help buyers overcome the restrictions of MOQ in jewelry and home décor industry. It is an innovative service directly from the manufacturer perspective to build a long-term relationship between the buyers and manufacturers.

Responsive customer service

After your first inquiry, a designated sales representative will act as a point-of-contact for all production issues with full support of the Impression team. We will create your personal profile and send designers to study your previous products to better understand you and your work. The whole order process will be transparent to you by immediate updates and could be customized if any changes needed.

Reliable delivery schedules

Our proven project management ability will give you a reliable delivery schedule and meet your deadline. You can also choose our urgent delivery service for “shorter than usual” lead-time benefiting from our flexible manufacturing ability.

Competitive price

We want to work with you to balance the design and production cost, which will make your products more affordable to end customers and more profitable for your business. We will never give up any opportunity to work with you if the price is something we can sustain. Additionally, our long standing relationship with our world-wide material suppliers will give you comparative cost advantage at the starting line.


We are more than jewelry manufacturer. We help you grow.

Trends Consulting

We will provide free consulting service such as design reference and trends based on research and experience. We can also help to expand your current production line and polish your brand.

Product Development

To make sure your design is ready for mass production, we will work with you to find a balance between design and mass manufacturing readiness by stepping early in product development stage.

Urgent delivery

To help you catch up the holiday sale at the last minute, we provide free “shorter than usual” lead time if there is extra production capacity. Little premium may occur in special occasion.

Commercial Photography

To help you get an earlier market entry than your competitors before your order are delivered, we provide commercial photography service just right after the sample is confirmed.

Shipping consolidation

To reduce the total shipping cost from different suppliers in China, we would like to help consolidate individual shipments and then ship them together.

Buying Agent

To help you buy easier from China, we will use our connections to buy supplies on your behalf, in which case the quality and price will be good.


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